Ian Dickety

Ian Dickety

Web Developer


I'm a 20-something web developer from the Great British Isles – North Kent to be a bit more precise, a stones throw from the glitz and glammer of London Town.

My expertise lie both in front-end and back-end web technologies, with a good amount of design mixed in too, which to the laymen amongst you means I can make a website to any scale and capability you would like.

To the slightly more geeky, I class myself as a full stack LAMP developer. I pride myself on light and clean code, and where necessary apply OOP practices using the MVC architectural pattern. I do however have favouritism for front-end development, and building up slick interfaces which work seamlessly.

Having been coding since a young age, I have a deep knowledge of the web and all that goes with it, and generally have a keen interest in all things technological or digital. Keeping up with the web is a game in itself and I love being challenged to use new tools to make something the best it can be.

I am available for all types of freelance work - so whether you're a small business looking for advice on what the web can do for you, or an agency looking for someone to plug a gap for a while or perhaps you need someone in on a longer term contract, just shout.

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Questions, queries, or want to ask me what I thought of the footie last night? Drop me a line below, or you can call me on +44 (0)7753 487896.